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Coleman Hughes

Coleman Hughes is a writer, podcaster and opinion columnist who specialises in issues related to race, public policy and applied ethics. Coleman’s writing has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Quillette, The City Journal and The Spectator. He has appeared on many TV shows and podcasts, including Real Time with Bill Maher, Making Sense with Sam Harris, and The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast.
In June 2019, he testified before the U.S. Congress. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Coleman briefly attended the Juilliard School to study jazz trombone before dropping out to pursue a career as an independent jazz/hip-hop artist. Shortly thereafter, Coleman discovered a passion for applied ethics and public policy at Columbia University, where he graduated with a B.A. in philosophy.


Join Coleman Hughes, for his  podcast, Conversations With Coleman. This is an honest conversation—with the sharpest minds— on some of the most difficult issues regarding race and culture in the West.

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S4 - E07/Ron DeSantis' War on Wokeness

Kmele Foster, Chloé Valdary and David Bernstein

S4 - E06/Trans Rights vs. Women's Rights

Kathleen Stock

S4 - E05/The History and Ethics of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dr. Benny Morris

S4 - E04/Race & Inequality Across the Pond

Inaya Folarin Iman

S4 - E03/Defeating the Race Baiters

Freddie Sayers

S4 - E02/Is the Royal Family Racist?

Andrew Gold

S4 - E01/Jihad Rehab: A Tale of Cancellation

Meg Smaker

S3 - E41/ How to spread democracy to the middle east

Shadi Hamid

S3 - E40/ Elites & Experts

David Sacks

S3 - E39/ Can we trust AI?

Rama Chellappa

S3 - E38/ Snitches Get Stitches

Alexandra Natapoff

S3 - E37/The Death of The American Coalition

Tim Shenk

S3 - E36/ The Art Of Storytelling

Christopher Paolini

S3 - E35/ The Art Of Meditation

Samaneri Jayasāra

S3 - E34/ Music, Movies, And Innovation

Ted Gioia

S3 - Ep 33 Understanding the Iranian Protests

Maryam Namazie

S3 - E32/ “Of Boys And Men”

Richard Reeves

S3 - E31/ Marxism, Intelligence, And The Thing

Freddie DeBoer

S3 - E30/Humanity in a Thousand Years

Will MacAskill

S3 - E29/ Quillette, IDW, and Conspiracy

Claire Lehmann

S3 - E28/ America's Failed Criminal Justice Experiment

Rafael Mangual

S3 - E27/ Beyond The Lines of Color and Race

Ian Rowe

S3 - E26/ Black, White and Everything In Between

David Bernstein

S3 - E25/WikiLeaks and Whistleblowing: An Exposé That Shook The World

Julian Assange

S3 - E24/Talk To Coleman (July Edition) | Special Episode

S3 - E23/The Pride Generation

Katie Herzog

S3 - E22/ BLM: The Revolution Will Not Be Criticized

Zac Kriegman

S3 - E21/ The Death Of Conversation

Jonathan Haidt

S3 - E20/ Can Musicians Think Freely?

Winston Marshall

S3 - E19/ Voter Suppression: Fact or Fiction?

Sam Koppelman

S3 - E18 / Overcoming The Odds

Roland Fryer


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