Conversations with Coleman

S3 - E41/ How to spread democracy to the middle east

Shadi Hamid

S3 - E40/ Elites & Experts

David Sacks

S3 - E39/ Can we trust AI?

Rama Chellappa

S3 - E38/ Snitches Get Stitches

Alexandra Natapoff

S3 - E37/The Death of The American Coalition

Tim Shenk

S3 - E36/ The Art Of Storytelling

Christopher Paolini

S3 - E35/ The Art Of Meditation

Samaneri Jayasāra

S3 - E34/ Music, Movies, And Innovation

Ted Gioia

S3 - Ep 33 Understanding the Iranian Protests

Maryam Namazie

S3 - E32/ “Of Boys And Men”

Richard Reeves

S3 - E31/ Marxism, Intelligence, And The Thing

Freddie DeBoer

S3 - E30/Humanity in a Thousand Years

Will MacAskill

S3 - E29/ Quillette, IDW, and Conspiracy

Claire Lehmann

S3 - E28/ America's Failed Criminal Justice Experiment

Rafael Mangual

S3 - E27/ Beyond The Lines of Color and Race

Ian Rowe

S3 - E26/ Black, White and Everything In Between

David Bernstein

S3 - E25/WikiLeaks and Whistleblowing: An Exposé That Shook The World

Julian Assange

S3 - E24/Talk To Coleman (July Edition) | Special Episode

S3 - E23/The Pride Generation

Katie Herzog

S3 - E22/ BLM: The Revolution Will Not Be Criticized

Zac Kriegman

S3 - E21/ The Death Of Conversation

Jonathan Haidt

S3 - E20/ Can Musicians Think Freely?

Winston Marshall

S3 - E19/ Voter Suppression: Fact or Fiction?

Sam Koppelman

S3 - E18 / Overcoming The Odds

Roland Fryer

S3 - E17 / The Fracturing Of The Human Mind

Jonathan Haidt

S3 - E16 / Democracy and Diversity

Yascha Mounk

S3 - E15 Inside the Mind of Tim Urban

Tim Urban

S3 - E14 / The Facebook Whistleblower

Frances Haugen

S3 - E13 / Human Mind: Into the Unknown

Richard Dawkins

S3 - E12 / Are We Living in a Simulation?

David Chalmers

S3 E11 / The History of Free Speech

Jacob Mchangama

S3 E10 / Race, Class, & Culture

Briahna Joy Gray

S3 E9 / The War in Ukraine

Cathy Young

S3 E8 / The Case for Overpopulation

Matthew Yglesias

S3 E7 / The Failures of the NY Times

Ashley Rindsberg

S3 E6 / The Birth & Death of Political Comedy

Jeffrey Maurer

S3 E5 / Covid: The Conversation We’ve Been Waiting For

Dr. Zubin Damania

S3 E4 / Is Matt Taibbi a Right-Winger?

Matt Taibbi

S3 E3 / Propaganda, Misinformation & Woke Math

Renee DiResta

S3 E2 / Optimizing the Universe

Rob Reich

S3 E1 / Emily Oster

Parenting in the 21st Century

S3 / Special Episode

Reflection on 2021