Conversations with Coleman

020/ Douglas Murray

The Intersectional Crackup

019/ David Shor

The Tides of American Politics

018/ Andrew Sullivan

The End of Trump

Bonus Partial Episode/ Bryan Caplan

The Case for Open Borders

Bonus Episode/ Why I'm voting for Biden

Why I'm voting for Biden

017/ Megyn Kelly

The Devil May Care

Bonus Episode/ My Open Letter to Ibram X. Kendi

My Open Letter to Ibram X. Kendi

016/ Niall Ferguson

Trump, COVID 19 and Cold War II

Bonus Episode/ Glenn Loury and Coleman Hughes

The Problem with Race

015/ James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian

The Intellectual Roots of Wokeness

014/ Ayishat Akanbi

The Limits of Identity

013/ Bret Weinstein

Approaching the Third Rail

012/Peter Singer

Thinking About Morality

011/Brian Greene

Life, Death, and Meaning

010/Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Arc of Racial Progress

009/Steven Pinker

Crime, Violence, and Progress

008/Chloe Valdary

Living In Paradox

007/Jamil Jivani

Why Are Young Men Vulnerable To Violence?

006/John Pfaff

Deadly And Dangerous Prison Conditions

005/Annaka Harris

Could Robots Become Conscious?

004/Sean Carroll

Where Do Morals Come From?

003/Katherine Franke

Should America Pay Reparations For Slavery?

002/John McWhorter

Has Anti-Racism Become A New Religion?

001/Sam Harris

Will The Push For Reparations Get Trump Re-elected?